Poem: One of the Blue Days

At times you feel that your world is crushing down What mattered the most is slowing closing down Your body breaks, your mind breaks Nothing seems to make sense anymore You’re so confused, so thoughtless Not a fraction of help seems left All you want to do is disappear And perhaps never return When will…


Time and again you need to re-read your own work For self reaffirmation, for self enhancement

I Just Needed to Vent :)

Okay so I needed to vent ¬ It’s funny how people think of you as competition when really, you don’t feel the same about them. Ha! I mean, I may be your competition but honestly, I don’t consider you mine. Good Luck!

Poem: Untitled

Untitled With tears swelled up Gaze fixed upon your text My flesh trembles You’ve found another way To hurt me once more My hands wobble With the feelings gone by It all flashes back My head spins Tears start to roll Anger builds up My heart hardens What once was a trap I now realize better I…

Poem: The Universe Bows to You

The Universe Bows to You! There’s goodness all around, if you just see Open your heart, and let it breathe What comes, let it What goes, let it You’re much more capable, if you just believe The universe bows to you, if you just see Until then, Yours x

Poem: What Then?

What Then? Sleeping doesn’t help if it is your soul that’s tired Laughing doesn’t help if it’s your heart that’s wired Until then, Yours x

Poem: Dad, thank you

Dad, thank you This one’s for you dad All those momentary sacrifices Endless devices Made me whom I am today If only you were here I would perhaps not tear Like I do every day Knowing that you’re far away But today I am content My heart is finally at peace It is hard to…

Poem: Injustice to Yourself

Injustice to Yourself And then it occurred to me Why would you wanna be with someone who never asks you how you are? Or one who never waits for you by the door? Or one who doesn’t believe in miracles? Or one who simply can’t afford their own spiracles? Why would you want to give…


He smiled. And after all these years, my heart broke once again..

Poem: Lady by the Door

Lady by the Door I see you You’re in my dreams again White hair, Green eyes So well you disguise By the back door By the long road I hear you scream I suddenly see you no where At night by the hour You’re in my dreams once more I do not know who you…

Poem: Untitled

Untitled Worlds apart Day after day Tears roll Everything feels astray What brought you in Is what sold you out Moments seize You start to shout These voices inside your head They are no stranger Close your eyes And you feel assunder Hear the walls crumble Watch your life fall Feel the earth moving Beg…