Poem: Walk Away, for good

Walk Away, for good And maybe just this once, you need to walk away For good, for yourself At the end of the day, everything remains the same What you currently feel is not even real.. Until then, Yours x

Poem: Hospitals

Hospitals have heard the sincerest prayers, seen the sincerest tears and felt the sincerest pain..

Poem: The PDLP Voyage

The PDLP Voyage The PDLP journey has been that of a voyage Sometimes gloomy, sometimes bright From making a Will to an Affidavit of Plight One with tests, skits and files Endless submissions that takes a while But the voyage has been one we’d always remember 22 weeks, 8 modules, never did we surrender With…

Poem: Once in a While

Once in a While Let yourself fall, let yourself wash away Once in a while, it’s okay to feel astray Let yourself believe, let yourself wander One in a while, it’s okay to feel like a stranger Let yourself drown, let yourself surrender Once in a while, it’s okay to feel asunder Thing is, don’t…

Poem: Concealed?

The eyes give away what your heart conceals. Observe. Understand. That is where the truth lies. Extracts from The Lie I Live

Poem: Appreciate Ocean

Let the sea swallow you, let it wash away your pain. Allow yourself to drown your sadness in it, let go of all temporary gain.. #WorldOceanDay #AppreciateNature

Poem: To Be 28

To a Dear Friend, on your 28th To be 28 is a big deal As a matter of fact, it’s absolutely surreal But what I would like to tell you is not the obvious But rather, what often remains oblivious At this age, you’re often expected To have your life sorted, to be completely adjusted…


How do you know you’ve had enough? When you’ve finally mustered the courage to stop yourself from being fooled by the lies. Extracts from The Lie I Live


She said: ‘But I can’t break his heart’. He replied: ‘Of course you can’t. But you can break mine’. Extracts from The Lie I Live

Poem: The Lie I Live

The Lie I Live He said he was sorry She was surprised With tears in her eyes and pain in her heart, she replied You may be guilty, yes, but you’re not sorry! Extracts from The Lie I Live

Poem: Untitled

Untitled  Time & again I picture you You’re walking too far ahead I call out but the wind carries my voice To a place where you cannot hear I start to run, leaving behind tears You grow farther and farther away Distance grows and I can no longer see you Once again, the alarm clock goes…

Lunch Hour? Get OUT of the Office!

How long have you been sitting on that desk? Ever since you got to work? No wonder you’re always ranting you have no life. Get up, go! Go for a walk, go for a coffee at the local cafe, go to the library and grab a book ~ JUST GO! I went for a walk…