And he said, anyone can live, but to live for something is meaningful She smiled, for she knew something actually meant someone..

Poem: Pieces

You will search for pieces of me in everyone you meet, that I promise For I was whole of many pieces But you loved certain pieces at your convenience Extracts from, The Lie I Live

Poem: My Heart is a Paradox

My Heart is a Paradox My heart is a paradox It feels what it does not want to It says what it does not want to hear It beats when all it knows is how to shatter My heart is a paradox It falls for you knowing you don’t care It yearns for you knowing…

Poem: Wounds

Wounds Show me your wounds & I’ll show you mine Tell me what broke you & I’ll tell you that you’ll be just fine Until then, Yours x

Sleeping Next to Mum 💙

Sleeping next to Mum has got to be one of the best feelings ever. I’m 22 now and I almost forgot how soothing it is. I snuggled in close cause I’m sick but I’m pretty sure the comfort provided is enough to even mend a broken heart. And I find myself in awe because all…

Motivation: Act

How you act must be independent of how you feel. Always. Extracts from The Lie I Live


And just like that, we break our own hearts far more frequent than anyone else.. Extracts from The Lie I Live

Poem: Living Carefree

  Living Carefree Let the world talk, let the clouds sway They will never understand you the way you want them to anyway Focus on the good, leave the bad Life is too short to be feeling so sad Live in the moment, watch yourself grow Time will come and they will know Why you…

Poem: Walk Away, for good

Walk Away, for good And maybe just this once, you need to walk away For good, for yourself At the end of the day, everything remains the same What you currently feel is not even real.. Until then, Yours x

Poem: Hospitals

Hospitals have heard the sincerest prayers, seen the sincerest tears and felt the sincerest pain..