Poem: You

You Being with you was like being in a time capsule Everything else around you felt irrelevant Everyone else around you felt insignificant And how my heart raced from the warmth of your skin Or how my mind eased with the scent of your being I knew I had come home For you had become…

Poem: Falling in Love

Falling in Love & I knew I was falling in love with him When all I could think about was him On my busiest days or at a 3pm meeting In my own serenity or in a fully packed theatre And I let myself Why? Because I knew he was falling in love with me…

Poem: Storm Within

He asked me if I was scared? I smiled, why would I be scared? I carry the storm within .. #Blogging #PressIt

Motivation: Do It

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Trust me when I say this, you’ll end up getting more things done than expected! I know, we’re all lazy and procrastinate till the world’s end; but try it. Start small. I used to tell myself that if something takes 5 minutes or less, get…

Poem: You

You You, it’s always been you How could I be so blind? How could you be so kind? You touch my soul And I no longer feel alone Until then, Yours x

Poem: Obsolete Dream

Obsolete Dream I see you, do you see me too? You call me, but do you hear me? I think not Because to you, I make no sense Yet you show you care All for what? You’re either in it or you’re not Why in between? To me, it makes no sense And to you,…

Poem: What is Life?

What is life? But a couple of good friends Families that love you A banquet of delicious food And a belly of laughter Until then, Yours x

I am My Own Prisoner

As I sit in my favourite corner coffee shop and wait, I notice the surroundings as it is; and I think to myself, ‘When was the last time I paid attention to everything around me?’ The answer comes as ‘I don’t know, you’re too busy thinking about the future that you’ve forgotten to live in…

Poem: Untitled

Untitled Some people never learn They go on with the filthy lives they live Dissing others as they please Without thinking for a moment That the joke’s on them And that their hatred is their own reflection Of how impure their beliefs are Until then, Yours x

Poem: Undecided

Undecided Another day, another week The future still seems bleak Whether I’ll be a mess Or show up in a bright coloured dress Nobody knows Until then, Yours x

Poem: Colluded Pain

Colluded Pain Sometimes words are not enough to explain The momentary pain you feel It’s when your mind shuts down And you generally loose enthusiasm Perhaps it’s because of the long periods of pain you feel That you enclosed so you didn’t heal And one day, it all comes back to you When you least…