Poem: This is it (I think..)

First few days it feels so good A mysterious twist, perfect illusions Living life to the fullest, knowing him endless Is this what love is? I finally know But that’s not the point right? Because after a few days, common sense finds its way back to you And you wonder, is it still love? That…

Poem: Safe

Safe He was like poetry, smooth & soft But his hands were not They told a different story One of protectiveness & comfort In whose arms I could feel safe.. Until then, Yours x

Poem: Untitled

Untitled I was losing myself to him, that I knew I was smiling yet again, that I knew What I didn’t know was That he felt the exact same too .. Extracts from For the first time in a long time. Until then, Yours x

Poem: Untitled

He was a bubble of happiness With whom feelings radiated And for the first time, in a very long time I felt myself let go ..

Poem: Numb

When the world is asleep That is when thoughts creep into your mind They paralyze you  You feel numb Nothing seems to make sense Your head pounds as tears roll down You don’t even know how you got here You don’t even know why.. Until then, Yours x

Poem: Heartless

Heartless I stand at my window peering down at the streets I’ve arrived once again to the same place In my mind, these clouds of thoughts remain Is it true what they say? Have I forgotten to smile? I tell him there’s more to life than love And he looks at me with regret Perhaps of concern,…

Poem: Christmas

It’s that time of the year again When the star goes up And the snow comes down My Christmas Tree

Couplet: Alone

How beautiful it is to be alone In your own skin, oh the solitude

Poem: Wild Ones

Wild things grow more pretty. They are the ones that blossom while others are busy putting on make up!

Poem: Tired

Tired ‘You look tired’, a wise friend noticed And I was taken aback Me? Tired? But I didn’t feel it That night I paused my life and reflected Was it really that I was tired? If then, then of what? It certainly wasn’t work It certainly wasn’t life Then it occurred to me Yes, I…