Poem: Checkmate

Checkmate Hearts bleed Eyes weep Words quiver Bodies shiver Hands tremble Tongues fumble Breathes stand still Moment ceases until It all ends Momentary amends Until then, Yours x Advertisements

Poem: Blue

Blue Maybe you like blue because that’s how you are Deep as the ocean, vast as the sky And whoever tries to understand you will never know why..

Poem: Love

Love Love, they said was achievable Love, they said was incredible But what they didn’t say was That like you, love was often too good to be true ❤

Poem: How Do You?

How Do You? How do you fall asleep when it’s your soul that’s tired? How do you erase memories when it’s your mind that’s wired? How do you revive when it’s your heart that’s dired? How do you smile when it’s your tears that’s fired?

Poem: Break

Break You think about it so much that it breaks you Your heart cries but your fake a smile regardless But deep down, thoughts run thinking over and over again Each day goes by like this and you continue to break Until then, Yours x

Poem: Patience

Patience There’s always something more to patience than just waiting It carries with it endurance, panting  Long prayers, chanting But above all, faith, wanting Until then, Yours x

Poem: See You Soon

See You Soon Your eyes speak volumes of that which your words cannot match  How you look away is when you start to catch Tears bundle up and your prayers cannot fetch For your body is leaving but your heart is attached I was meant to say goodbye, I was meant to cry But how…

Poem: Silent Tears

Silent Tears On a silent night she weeps away What was once love is now astray Her husband, her children, all killed in the crash No longer remains one to take out the trash

Poem: My Tears

My Tears And it hurts you because you thought it was alright  So now you sit there holding your tears tight Your eyes may corporate but it is your heart that cried How can you declare it over when you haven’t even tried?

Poem: Grief

Grief It rained that evening like no other  She stood there as her grief got washed away Rain splattered, she felt lighter But some feelings never went astray

Poem: Confidence

Confidence She carries confidence like a feather’s weight Some days she’s over the top, some days she’s scared to bleed Some days she knows she’ll triumph, some days she’d rather not get up It’s a dangerous feeling she cannot trait Fire burns within her, passion ignites as the fuel Some days it exceeds her ability, some…

Poem: Untitled

Poem: Untitled And the moon asked, what does he love about you? She replied that she didn’t know  Perhaps it was her character, perhaps it was her taste But whatever it was, it seemed too good to waste