She said: ‘But I can’t break his heart’. He replied: ‘Of course you can’t. But you can break mine’. Extracts from The Lie I Live Advertisements

Poem: The Lie I Live

The Lie I Live He said he was sorry She was surprised With tears in her eyes and pain in her heart, she replied You may be guilty, yes, but you’re not sorry! Extracts from The Lie I Live

Poem: Untitled

Untitled  Time & again I picture you You’re walking too far ahead I call out but the wind carries my voice To a place where you cannot hear I start to run, leaving behind tears You grow farther and farther away Distance grows and I can no longer see you Once again, the alarm clock goes…

Lunch Hour? Get OUT of the Office!

How long have you been sitting on that desk? Ever since you got to work? No wonder you’re always ranting you have no life. Get up, go! Go for a walk, go for a coffee at the local cafe, go to the library and grab a book ~ JUST GO! I went for a walk…

Poem: My Cold Heart

My Cold Heart How gracefully the rain falls How diligently the wind blows it away My hands turn cold from standing out too long My heart for once finally feels at home Until then, Yours x

Motivation: Take Control of your Life

Some mornings, you wake up on the wrong side of the bed – or at least that’s how the saying goes. You feel tired as hell, not wanting to get out of bed, or even wake up in the first place. You groan at the thought of you cannot take a sick leave cause you…

Poem: Unspoken Thoughts

Unspoken Thoughts People talk alot, seldom do they act Things seem alot, not all are for you Places call you, rarely do you fit Let go of everything that ties you And for once, watch what still stays..

Motivation: Take the Risk

Take the Risk! Everything is calculated; the risks you take, the falls you make Some are worth it while some? Well we only find out later if it was not Point is, take the risk, calculate the fall For after all, this is life and we don’t get out alive anyway So better to know…

Poem: Stabbed

Stabbed Then there’s you Stabbing in the heart wasn’t enough A dagger wasn’t enough You twisted and turned it Blood splattered the more you held You then walked away Let the stabs remain And I bled to death Until then, Yours x

Motivation: Be the Worm instead

Everybody talks about the early bird getting the worm. Nobody talks about the early worm ending up dead. Point is, that’s not the only way of looking at a scenario. Not everyone is the bird, some are merely the worm. Thus, do what is right for you, even if it means not being early, just so…