Poem: Injustice to Yourself

Injustice to Yourself And then it occurred to me Why would you wanna be with someone who never asks you how you are? Or one who never waits for you by the door? Or one who doesn’t believe in miracles? Or one who simply can’t afford their own spiracles? Why would you want to give…


He smiled. And after all these years, my heart broke once again..

Poem: Lady by the Door

Lady by the Door I see you You’re in my dreams again White hair, Green eyes So well you disguise By the back door By the long road I hear you scream I suddenly see you no where At night by the hour You’re in my dreams once more I do not know who you…

Poem: Untitled

Untitled Worlds apart Day after day Tears roll Everything feels astray What brought you in Is what sold you out Moments seize You start to shout These voices inside your head They are no stranger Close your eyes And you feel assunder Hear the walls crumble Watch your life fall Feel the earth moving Beg…

Motivation: Passion

In between the daily routines & long hours; it is passion that keeps you moving forward.

Poem: Just Not Destined for Love

Just Not Destined for Love Money, power, fame She had everything Yet she felt empty She saw all those happy couplesĀ  And she felt so alone For all the world’s riches couldn’t fill that void But being independent was better than having her heart broken She told herself watching another day end No, that was…

Poem: Tired

Tired And all of a sudden, I felt so tired Of everything and everyone I felt so drained, like a lifeless soul blinking I wasn’t in need of sleep I was in need of peace Until then, Yours x

Extract: Whole Again

I was too broken to love anyone, anyway. So when he told me that he loved me, I believed him. When he asked to marry me, I let him. I was in belief that he would make me whole again. And I’m glad I did. His love was so damn powerful. Not only did he…


The hand remembers what the mind forgets. Whether it be notes, equipment, feelings or memories.

Poem: Dreams of the Dead

Half asleep, she murmured, Dream about me, maybe? He replied, I only dream of the dead. Do you still want me to dream about you? Knowing deep down this too was another coincidence, she replied, Why not? Your love kills me everyday, anyway. Extracts from Forbidden Love

Motivation: Forgive Yourself

When was the last time you forgave your ownself? Stop being so hard on yourself, forgive yourself first. You deserve it.

Poem: Dahlia

Dahlia Like the dahlia in my garden, I too bloom Midst the weeds, I too rise Despite the rain, I too stand But with you uprooting me, I too wilt Until then, Yours