Poem: The PDLP Voyage


The PDLP Voyage

The PDLP journey has been that of a voyage
Sometimes gloomy, sometimes bright
From making a Will to an Affidavit of Plight
One with tests, skits an
d files
Endless submissions that takes a while

But the voyage has been one we’d always remember
22 weeks, 8 modules, never did we surrender
With heads held high, files submit
We too on assessments, never a resit

Time has flown, we remember the first day
When we vouched to voyage, and to stay
Our captain was Madam Laijipa, our savior
Loving us as her children, yet watching our behavior

Madam Neelta was the lecturer with it all
Correcting our mistakes, never letting us fall
Conveyancing files, giving us chocolates
Making a Will, never were we restless

Sir Bulamainaivalu was a lecturer of logic
Bail application was however very tragic
By now Sir, the boat has left the reef
With your teachings, never will we grieve

Madam Fong was the lecturer with skills
Punctuality or discipline, she knew the drills
To incorporate a business, we will never forget
Ethical teachings, we will never regret

Sir Nand was a lecturer of wisdom
Endless motivation, useful information
White book teachings, we will never fuss
Placement experiences, we carry with us

RRRT, the team on the move
Free resources, we were on the groove
Human Rights, we will always represent
Family proceedings, never will we descend

The entire voyage was one of unity
Learning together, our very own PDLP family
Intelligent peers, we deserve cheers
We made it! Congratulations to us 🙂

~ Sadaf Shameem ~

Attributed to – PDLP Intake I, 2017
School of Law, USP, Suva, Fiji


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