Poem: To Be 28

To a Dear Friend, on your 28th

To be 28 is a big deal
As a matter of fact, it’s absolutely surreal
But what I would like to tell you is not the obvious
But rather, what often remains oblivious

At this age, you’re often expected
To have your life sorted, to be completely adjusted
But let me tell you this, what people miss out
Your age does not define your capability, never should you doubt

The right things will happen when the time is right
Whether it is Career, Love, or Family; do not lose your plight
What is important to find yourself, know yourself, love yourself
Because in a world of judges, no one else will as much as you will to yourself

So embrace your shortfalls, love your strengths
Let go of miseries from both past and present
Travel the world, live in a castle
Whatever you do, do not settle
Until you’re sure, absolutely sure
That this is what you are to procure

Until then,


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