Lunch Hour? Get OUT of the Office!

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How long have you been sitting on that desk? Ever since you got to work? No wonder you’re always ranting you have no life. Get up, go! Go for a walk, go for a coffee at the local cafe, go to the library and grab a book ~ JUST GO!

I went for a walk today at the nearby public garden during office lunch hour. Results? UNBELIEVABLE! It soothes you, it refreshes you, it exercises you and most importantly, it’s absolutely free!

Next time you decide to stay in, don’t! Use that lunch hour and get out of the office, even if it means having to stand outside – which is actually not that bad. But I’d recommend going for a walk, to a garden like me? Even better! The canopy of trees as you walk past is indescribable! The cool breeze as you pave your way is beyond compare. The oxygen that fills up your lungs is like you’ve been reborn. The sun that peeks through leaves is as if you’re on holiday! And that’s exactly what you need – a dose of nature from that long hours behind that boring office table! See the pictures I look for yourself, unfiltered! x

Until then,
Yours x


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