2017: Keeping Up With Resolutions

How many times have you had resolutions and not kept them? None? Okay, how many times have you tried to keep up and only lasted for sometime? Sucks doesn’t it? Ever wondered why? Let me tell you!

Almost everyone has New Year’s Resolutions but only few accomplish them? This is simply because the concept of having ‘resolutions’ does not automatically mean you’ll wake up the next day and drop bad habits. Neither does it mean you’ll automatically wake up on the 1st of January and feel different. This is because resolutions do not happen overnight; you need to be ready to change something in your life in order for it to happen.

In my opinion, there are two critical aspects that you need to develop in order to make your resolution a success –

1. Be Realistic

Many resolutions fail because they’re simply unrealistic. It’s like making false promises to yourself when you know it’s not within your capacity. For instance, say your resolution is to lose weight and so you start off planning a diet and workout plan. Now you know that you’re a foodie and going to a gym is simply a no-no. So what do you do?

You start off little by little. Get a gym buddy, include diet plans that are beneficial as well as  rewarding. You cannot simply wake up on January 1st and expect yourself to adjust to your diet plan overnight (especially after that holiday long festivity). Thus, start of with at least few days a week, and then build on it. The same concept goes for every other resolution. You need to start off slowly and then build on it. The key is though – you have to have realistic achievable resolutions.

2. Prepare Yourself

Similar to above, you need to prepare yourself for your resolution. This includes all types of preparation – physical, mental, emotional, social etc

Using the example from above, perhaps helping yourself lose weight would include getting rid of junk food at home before starting your resolutions. Or getting a gym buddy beforehand. Maybe reading motivational blogs or watching such videos to get into the hype.

Most importantly, you need to mentally prepare yourself. You need to realize why you’re doing this. Like how Stephen Covey in his book, 7 Habits of Highly Successful People outlines that in order to achieve something, one of the habit is that you have to Begin With the End in Mind. Thus, take a moment to imagine what is it exactly to feel like with the achieved resolution. Trust me – this will motivate you to actually do it.

I hope this blog was useful and hopefully we all achieve our set resolutions!

Until then,
Yours x


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