Poem: Let it Out

Let it Out

Wait, Stop, Scream out loud
Why is it that we often don’t let it out aloud?
Let the neighbors hear, let your family hear
You shouldn’t be obliged to feel the bare

Smash the plate across the room
Let the air swing in, zoom!
Bat the ball against the wall
Throw an egg up and let it fall

Do it, do whatever it takes
You need to let go, if you need to forsake
Anger isn’t meant to be suppressed
For all does, is make you depressed

Sing your heart out to your favorite song
You never needed anyone to play along
So what changed for you to ask permission?
It is yours, never was their decision

Happiness lies in the person’s being
Search for it even if you have to use a string
Let it out, let it go
Never bottle up, no matter who told you so


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