Poem: Silent Prayer

Silent Prayer

You come home one day only to realize you’ve had enough
Enough of work, enough of school, enough of love
Then you start to wonder how it all went astray?
The excitement you once had hearing their laughter from far away

The rain smashes the window as you struggle to close it
Thunder continues to grow and lightening strikes straight
What hurts the most is hearing your own pain
As you hear yourself sob midst the rowdy rain

You close your eyes to fight the tears that flow
But the only thing you hear is the final blow
The one that shook your sanity
And now all you have left is vanity

You slide down to your feet and sit there shivering
A minute passes by and you’re still there quivering
Another day has passed by and you continue to be shattered
You fall asleep praying for you to wake up, no longer battered


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