Chocolate (& Food) Melts My Heart ❤

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I closed my eyes as I popped another Ferrero Rocher into my mouth. I could feel outer wafer covering crack and chocolate ooze out onto my tongue. The chocolate melted within seconds as the hazelnut was gently crushed by my teeth, each crush living the moment of pure bliss. My sister popped open the jar and asked if I’d want another one? “I would never say no”, I replied.

Yes, I am deeply and affectionately addicted to chocolate and food generally. A real foodie as you would term it. I’ve often heard that people stress-eat or lose their appetite when stressed; I on the contrary have neither of those. I eat because I want to, I eat because I need to, I eat because I’m hungry but most of all, I eat because I love food ❤

I realized that I was a food few years ago when unlike people my age, I would opt for an adventure to the new restaurant that opened at the corner. I found happiness in my sugar-free cappuccino that would sooth my heart. Yes, that’s the word – it SOOTHES my heart! I love the taste of different spices as I take bites out of my curry. I love the aroma of freshly baked cake as I take it out of the oven. I love the colorful blend of veggies as I make my stir fry. I love the sound of the the sizzling on the BBQ plate as I pop another lamb chops on it. Yes, you get the point – I Love Food!

Until then,


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