Timely Matters

You have to make time to have time. Everyday has 24 hours in it; no second more, no second less. How you use that 24 hours depends entirely on you.

There are times when we get caught up so much that at the end of the day you wonder where your time went! Time is a concept that we, humans created and so we alone have the power to either say ‘let’s schedule that for 3pm tomorrow’ or ‘I’m so busy with work that I have no time’. Which one are you?

Thing is, you have to make time to have time. Of course the rule of the thumb is to prioritize and set deadlines in such a way that you don’t end up in a mad rush at the end. But honestly, how often do you closely follow your diary or timetable? Almost never! Why? Because you lack spice in your daily timetable! We are not machines that are programmed to work day and night (figuratively speaking).

I was once told by a close friend that a day is ‘just another 24 hours’. Another 24 hours of what I asked?  He replied ‘another 24 hours of whether you grow closer to your goals or another 24 hours of waste’.

Goals here do not necessarily mean ‘exam goals or project goals’ etc. Goals here mean ‘living’. No, living does not necessarily entail the concept of ‘fun all day’. That’s the thing, we live in a world where there is heavy stereotyping of either you’re productive or not, either you study or not, either you’re outgoing or not. Whatever happened to balance? Whatever happened to achieving the best of both worlds?

Between trying to be productive and worrying about why we never have enough time, we get bored. We get bored of school. we get bored of work and we get bored of life. Do you know why? Because we’ve become routined! And that is a destructive word. It destroys your ability to achieve your targets and also have fun. It destroys your ability to multitask and have the best of both worlds.

The key here is balance. You need balance of both work and play. And you will only have it if you make time for it.


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    1. Sadaf NS says:

      Thank you loyal reader! Keep reading x


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